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Energy Utility
and IOT e-Solutions

CT Innovation Success Stories

Pale eoliche

CASE 01 

Italian multinational group (#1 in the world in the Energy sector, presence in 35 countries on 5 continents, over 70 Million customers), offering innovative technology solutions of Smart City, Smart Buildings, e-Home, e-Mobility and e-Industries aimed at private companies and Public bodies (e.g. Regions, Provinces, Municipalities).


Collaborative technology for control room management  with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Cartographic georeferencing of assets and data monitoring both in real-time and historicised.

Unique platform for all vertical market contexts (City, Building, Industry, Mobility).

"Open" platform for multiple integrations necessary with customer systems and technologies.

Multi-Tenant and Multi-User management of the control room, also provided to end customers to independently manage purchased services.

Use of the control room by end customers on dedicated high-end solutions but also via low-end and/or non-touch devices, and in mobility.


Software component:

Theater Digital Collaboration Suite

Theater Governance Suite

Theater Web Governance Suite


Installation in the Customer's proprietary Cloud infrastructure.

Integration with IOT platform and with the Datalake centralized worldwide, and withcservice verticals (e.g., Salesforce).

Multi-Tenant and multi-user configuration, with global supervision users and functionality and asset profiling on a Tenant / single user basis.

Enjoyment "Anywhere, anytime" via Theater Mobile add-on for iOS/Android tablets, Theater Web Governance Suite (via browser, also screens non-Touch) and Client for Laptop PC Touch with 15'' screens.


Centralized Setup and Supervision of solutions provided tocustomers. 

Centralized management of licenses and Tenant / User functional profiling.

Direct interaction with end customers with representation and sharing of the same information in real time.

Independence of end customers in the management of purchased products/services.

Independence of end customers in the management of purchased products/services.

Reduced time to market.


Full international market coverage of the solutions provided.







Theater the Digital Workspace

Theater® consente di esplorare, presentare e condividere contenuti, coniugando la gestualità naturale a modalità innovative di rappresentazione. I messaggi aumentano di valore ed efficacia. La condivisione simultanea di più contenuti, consultabili facilmente e in tempo reale, stimola interazione, partecipazione, collaborazione.



It is aimed at anyone who needs to monitor and control complex networks of devices placed on the territory.

The evolution toward a Governance where telemetry data, cartography and Business Intelligence can find their synthesis.



The solution to manage lean manufacturing processes and examine data from production lines and business intelligence as a group.

Facilitates real-time, shared coordination between different departments and functions.



Enables collaboration between different users in presence and remotely with an approach, innovative and cross-functional.

Facilitates marketing, customer care and customer experience activities in retail outlets and all kinds of public and private environments.



It enables an interactive, unique and unforgettable experience for customers in the luxury and hotellerie industry.

A solution that revolutionizes the hospitality industry and enables the provision of top services to meet a wide range of needs and customers.

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