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Solutions for interactive Digital Workspaces

About Us

We are an innovative start-up company developing high-tech digital solutions for governance and enabling advanced and efficient work environments (Digital Workspace) in enterprises and Public Administration.


We were established in 2017 in Verona, where our R&D division dedicated to research and development activities is based, and offices in Milan.


In 2018 we joined the Yoda Group.


What We Do

We enable our clients to coooperate in a touch space by interacting with content through an immersive and user-friendly interface.


The use of touch provides access to images, video text, documents, dashboards and telemetry data from IOT devices placed on the ground or inside buildings.


Through the extensive use of natural gestures, we bring the "see, touch and act" paradigm into the control rooms of utilities, corporations and industries, executive meeting-rooms, show-rooms, educational classrooms, and anywhere where information is to be shared effectively and intuitively.


Our Theater solution increases the efficiency of governance and sharing processes in work environments. It collaboratively connects heterogeneous people, data and processes, making them available on tables and video touch.​


Theater is available in four solutions:

Theater Governance

For supervision of assets distributed throughout the territory and within buildings.

Theater Infoboard

For production control according to the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

Theater Collaboration

For industrial, commercial and service settings where complex information needs to be shared.

Theater Experience

For those who want to ensure users, customers visitors an immersive and exciting experience.

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