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Collaborative Technologies Innovation

Technology to bring
people closer togheter

We are the Yoda Group company dedicated to developing innovative solutions designed to improve collaboration and content visualization and evolve business decision-making processes.


Our ongoing commitment to research and development of advanced technologies in Data Visualization and Multi Touch solutions provides the market with advanced products such as THEATER®, distributed globally.


Our solutions for your business

Our solutions are designed to enable our customers to cooperate in a touch space by interacting with content through a simple and intuitive interface.


They enable better process management results in control rooms, executive meeting-rooms, show-rooms, educational classrooms, and anywhere where information is to be shared effectively and intuitively.



It is aimed at anyone who needs to monitor and control complex networks of devices placed on the territory.

The evolution toward a Governance where telemetry data, cartography and Business Intelligence can find their synthesis.



The solution to manage lean manufacturing processes and examine data from production lines and business intelligence as a group.

Facilitates real-time, shared coordination between different departments and functions.



Enables collaboration between different users in presence and remotely with an approach, innovative and cross-functional.

Facilitates marketing, customer care and customer experience activities in retail outlets and all kinds of public and private environments.



It enables an interactive, unique and unforgettable experience for customers in the luxury and hotellerie industry.

A solution that revolutionizes the hospitality industry and enables the provision of top services to meet a wide range of needs and customers.


The Yoda Group

Since 2018, we have been part of the Yoda Group, a privately held, wholly Italian-owned group of companies with distinctive competencies that transform technology and process innovation into value for businesses, organizations, and public administrations.

In structured liaison with prestigious institutions and academic bodies, the Yoda Group is engaged in an ongoing process of researching and acquiring the most promising startups in the market and the best solutions enabled by technology.

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